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What's new?

Leather riding boots with elastic gusset and new zips

Leather Riding Boots, Fashion Boots, Walking and Work Boots

At The Leather Workshop we will work on leather and suede boots.

We do not replace heels and soles but we can replace zips, widen and narrow calf size, shorten boots, patch holes, replace eyelets and lace hooks, velcro, press studs and buckles.


Replace zips from £35.00 per boot

Replace zip and add gusset to widen calf from £45.00 per boot

Add gusset to widen calf from £35.00 per boot

Make calf narrower from £30.00 per boot

Shorten boots from £20.00 per pair

Replace elastic in sides of jodhpur boots from £35.00 per boot

Replace soft leather cuff on top of boot from £30.00 per boot

New tops on hunting boots from £140.00 per pair

Replace boot pull tabs in boots from £12.00 per tab

Add/replace garter loops on boots from £25.00 per pair

Patch boots from £15.00 per patch

Replace eyelets, lace hooks and press studs from £10.00 per individual fitting

Velcro replaced from £10.00 per boot


Please ensure that boots are clean before sending or bringing them in to us. There will be an additional charge of £10.00 per boot for cleaning if they are dirty.