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What's new?

Cartridge bag before

We offer a full repair and refurbishment service for gun cases, gun slips, cartidge bags and boxes.


We also offer an initialling service.

Cartridge bag after

Where possible we try to match the original colour of the item and use best quality webbing and fittings.



Please ensure that any item sent or brought in to us for repair is clean.

An additional charge of £10.00 per item will be made if we have to clean it before we can repair it!


New zip in gun slip from £70.00

New zip and new binding from £80.00

Replace buckle chape on front or side from £25.00

Reline gun case from £300.00

Reline and refit gun case from £330.00

Re-cover outer in canvas and reline inside from £500.00

Re-cover outer in leather and reline inside from £550.00

New straps on gun case from £90.00 per pair

New handle on gun case from £50.00

New handle chapes from £25.00 each

New webbing strap on cartridge bag from £45.00

New leather point straps on webbing strap from £35.00 a pair

Initials on any of the above from £9.00 per initial


If the repair that you require is not listed please ring or email - we are always willing to answer your queries.




We make our handles in the traditional way using bridle leather and hand stitching to create a strong and durable handle. We match the colour of leather as closely to the original as possible and always use solid brass dee rings.

Handles start at £50.00 and matching handle chapes start at £25.00 per chape.

We can also supply the brass plates for screwing over the handle chapes.


Our cun case straps are made from best quality Sedgewicks bridle leather and solid brass roller buckles. Each strap has a leather flange behind the buckle to stop the surface of the case being rubbed and is hand stitched.

The straps are available in dark havana, Australian nut, conker, and tan. They can be made in 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1 1/8" or 1 1/4" wide and to whatever length your case needs.

Samples of the leather colours are available on request for you to match to your case.

Prices start at £45.00 per strap depending on length and width.


At the Leather Workshop we offer a full repair service for cartridge bags. From simple restitching of a buckle or chape to a complete refurbishment. As the cost will depend on the condition of the bag it is difficult to give accurate prices without seeing the bag but you can always email photos of your bag and we can give an estimate of cost.


When the lining on your gun case becomes worn or your new gun doesn't fit into your old case bring it to the Leather Workshop!


We use best quality wool baize lining - a variety of colours are available. Once we have stripped out the old lining, preserving any makers labels, we replace any damaged divisions and if required alter the layout to suit your new gun. Any stitching that needs to be done on chapes or corners is done before we put the new lining in. We then re-attach the original makers label or if necessary we can get a replacement copy.


Gun case relined - prices start at £300.00

Gun case relined and refitted to take new guns or altered stocks - from £330.00

Complete re-cover in canvas and reline inside - prices from £500.00

Complete recover in leather and reline inside - prices from £550.00

Price depends on size of case and type of materials used - for more information please contact us.


Replace full length zip in gun slip - prices start at £70.00



If you have a style of gun that does not fit the standard size of gun slip we may be able to help.

Please contact us for more information.


We can do a complete refurbishment or add a new handle, straps and chapes.