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Shoe chewed by dog

Shoes and Sandals

At The Leather Workshop we can lengthen and shorten straps, replace worn velcro, change straps for eyelets, patch holes , repair dog chew damage, replace elastic , buckles, loops, and press studs. We do not replace heels and soles.








Alter straps from £10.00 per strap

Replace velcro from £10.00 per shoe

Alteration to the construction of the shoe from £25.00 per pair

Patch holes from £12.00 per patch

Repair dog chew damage from £20.00 per shoe

Replace elastic from £15.00 per pair

Replace buckles, loops & press studs from £10.00 per individual fitting


Please ring or email us if the repair you require is not listed here - we are always willing to help if we can.

Patched and ready to wear!