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What's new?

Jackets ,Trousers and Motorbike Leathers

At The Leather Workshop we can do repairs to fabric jackets and trousers as well as leather jackets, trousers and motorbike leathers.


New main zips in all jackets from £35.00 per garment( 2 way zip £5.00 extra)

New fly or short leg zip in all trousers from £25.00 per garment/leg

New zip in sleeve of leather jacket from £20.00 per sleeve

Patching on leather jackets from £15.00 per patch

Restitching from £10.00

Replace press studs or buttons from £10.00 per individual fitting

New buckle/strap on jacket from £15.00 per individual fitting

Replace leather on jacket collar from £50.00 per garment

Replace lining in motorbike jacket from £150.00 per garment

Replace pocket linings in jackets from £25.00 per pocket

Sleeves/leg length shortened from £35.00 per garment

Badges sewn onto motorbike leathers from £12.00 per badge